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A Self-Love Journey

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Jeannette Relaford                                                                                       Photo by Kamron Khan

Jeannette Relaford Photo by Kamron Khan

A Self-Love Journey

by Jeannette Relaford

I am the owner of The Perfect Cup Coffee House located in the Buckeye area of Cleveland.  Customers are able to come in and make their perfect cup of coffee as I meet and greet them. 

Before I opened The Perfect Cup, I worked for Cuyahoga County for 17 ½ years and I was not going anywhere.  There literally was no room for me to advance while I sat there observing people who had come in after me getting promoted.  I had been in the same position from when I first began, and I knew I did not have another 17 ½ years to give.  I was a month and a half away from my first degree, and the fever of quitting my job was upon me.  I had saved up enough money to live on for a certain time period, and I did what needed to be done.  The biggest risk was giving up a guaranteed, every-two-week paycheck.  There was some fear, but because my confidence level had been heightened, there was no stopping me.

Some of the struggles I have encountered have been with finances and also not getting enough encouragement from others.  I was feeling as though I was the only one on the planet.  I soon learned that my inner strength had already prepared me for being alone through this.  It allowed me to stay focused on my path alone while still keeping my mind open to positive new possibilities.  It turned out I wasn’t alone after all.  I was receiving new things and new people in my life.

My new life has brought me people who are on the same path that I am.  I have met other business owners who have shared their stories of fear and growth while becoming established within their businesses. Being able to have wonderful and positive people on this journey, leaves me with great encouragement.

What I love most about my journey is having my focus, yet getting great advice from others.  It gives me purpose. I love having open arms to my customers because they are who make the Perfect Cup Coffee House great.

Listening to many of the customers who come into my shop is what sparks my creativity.  If and when I open up my next shop, I have learned that you have to give whatever the community wants.  I have found that all communities are different and they all do different things.  You have to find out what your community wants in order to spark your own creativity.

I am inspired by other women who own their own businesses or have passions and dreams that they have made come true.  I am so inspired by these women because they show the strength within, and I appreciate what I see.  It gives me a satisfying spirit.

To be a person of purpose, you have to gain love for yourself.  Once self-love is achieved, the sky becomes the limit for you.  You soar and fly and you become the best you can be because you now know who you are, and you find out what gifts you were born with.

The message I would give to those searching for their soul’s purpose is to go on a self-love journey.  Begin to love yourself from childhood, and through adolescence, and young adulthood.  Embrace the love from all of these years, and you will be surprised to find that it opens up so many doors for you.


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