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bold jewelry for the fearless soul

About Souls Repurpose

Welcome to Souls Repurpose where you can find beautiful handmade pieces of jewelry, accessories and wares created from upcycled and repurposed materials. I work mostly with metals, especially copper, but love learning new techniques and working with new materials. I am still a young artisan but am loving what I am doing and learning amazing new things along the way. 

The reason I chose the name “Souls Repurpose” is because I feel that all materials can be reused and made beautiful again. And that same philosophy goes for us as individuals as well. We have been given our life to find and create purpose for ourselves and others and that looks different each and everyday. My work is intentional for that reason; "repurposing" our souls.

I have been making repurposed jewelry for the past few years. I started collecting interesting materials, beads and metals. I love upcycled art because you’re giving a new purpose to an object. I use discarded materials such as wrapping paper, wallpaper, fabric samples, wall base rubber samples, metal scraps, hardware pieces, t-shirts and old jewelry pieces. Being a jewelry connoisseur myself, I feel that jewelry pieces are wearable works of art. The beauty of my jewelry and accessories is in the recycled state of the piece as every scratch, dent or ding is important and has history and meaning.

Each item is handmade in my studio in Cleveland, Ohio. I am always looking for new ways to upcycle and I am constantly expanding my product range so you'll always find something new, unique and different.

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